ORGANIC APPLE & CELERY JUICE | What an energizing cleanser that is simple and affordable! | This is a tasty & health-boosting juice you can make in just a few minutes using your juicer. Apples are great for the heart by maintaining healthy & fluid coronary function. Cancer risk is immensely lowered with regular organic apple intake, as is risk of stroke. These red (and green) wonders contain querc
etin, which increases oxygen intake to the lungs - this helps every cell & organ in the body and is also great for pairing w/ workouts. Celery lowers cholesterol, hydrates the cells, flushes toxins quickly out of the body so your body can be at peace, lowers inflammation of all kinds, and is wonderful for the kidneys. Taking a moment to stretch out your muscles & enjoy some fresh air while you enjoy a nice juice like this can turn a plain day into a vibrant & uplifting one! Cheers!

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