SAGE | THE ROYAL HERB | Organic Sage holds a prestigious reputation throughout the generations and diverse cultures, extending back to antiquity. Sage has demonstrated, in medical journals, the ability to aid with cognition / alertness, bacteria / yeast / fungal control, hot flashes, Alzheimer's, anxiety, and natural mood-enhancement. In Latin, salvia is derived from 'salvere' ("to save") due to i
ts historical accounts of being used effectively for a variety of medical conditions across the ages. Sage is a potent source of Vitamin A and also B complex vitamins. This is an easy organic herb to grow in your kitchen window or in your home / patio garden to have daily access to this flavor-rich & beneficial herb. If you've never had fresh organic Sage leaves straight from the plant, you can look forward to a royal & majestically-rich flavor holding its own signature & unique / memorable properties. 3-6 leaves at a time are a great way to get these benefits (on a salad, in a tea, straight, in a soup, in an elixir, in a shake / smoothie, etc.).

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