The Largest Snail On Earth

The African giant snail is the largest snail from its family. The Giant Ghana 
snail is native to the forest of Ghana,Africa. Those snails are hermaphrodites,
like almost all pulmonat gastropods.
The shells of these snails grow s to 18 centimeters of length with a diameter 
of 9 centimeters, however, there are also bigger examples. Those 
snails lives in tropical condition where they do not have natural enemies. Each
of those gigantic snails lays up to twelve hundred eggs per year that causing
a big problem in natural habitat for the other, normal size snails that we 
have used to. The size does matter in this case, the Giant Tiger snail 
demolish around 500 kinds of plants and they also eat the stucco and paint on
buildings. Those things cause that the local tree snails are threatened or to 
become extinct.

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