They earn the most

Magazine Forbes has compiled a list showing which celebrities under 30 have earned the most

money in the past year. Controversial singer Lady Gaga has come in the first place. 

On the list of rich young people are the names of athletes and singers who have cashed in

millions playing tennis and football, and singing and promoting well-known brands. 

The top five, earning $ 45 to $ 170 million are: Lady Gaga (25) - 170 million (more than Justin

 Bieber, LeBron and Roger Federer together), Justin Bieber (17) with $ 53 million, basketball player

 LeBron James (27) with 48 million and Roger Federer (29) with 47 million dollars. 

Sixth on Forbes' list is singer Katy Perry with 44 million, followed by a football player Cristiano

 Ronaldo (26) who earned $ 38 million, while R&B singer Beyonce Knowles (29) is on eighth place

 on the list with 35 million dollars. 

Barcelona player Lionel Messi (24) is on ninth place, of Forbes list. The best footballer of his

generation and successor of Maradona earned 32 million last year. 

Rafael Nadal (25) is on tenth place by earnings. He has won nine Grand Slams, Olympic medal, but

 got only 31million in a year.

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