Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss
. Hair is your crown. Everybody feels sad when her hair fell out.Hair loss is caused by a variety of factors. It can be from hormonal changes, damage from chemicals, yeast or fungal infections, and maybe side effects from medications. Hair loss can be also a side effect of some types of dandruff, while other types of dandruff may cause itching or inflammation that causes hair loss.

Steps to reduce Hair Loss.
  • Give yourself an oil massage at least two times a month. You can choose between olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Eating foods rich in iron helps prevent hair loss .Foods such as dried figs, cashew nuts, almonds, liver and shrimp can give you enough iron that helps prevent hair loss.
  • Better try to keep your hair clean because fungal or yeast infections on the scalp can make the hair weak.
  • Try to avoid harsh clips and bands on your hair. Making tight hairstyles can destroy the hair strength.
  • Use a mild moisturizing shampoo. For oily hair, use a shampoo that is targeted for that type of hair.
  • Using gels or hair sprays, it is important to wash your hair because they can be hard to manage, and thus causes the hair to break easily.
  • Best way to control hair loss, drinking fresh coconut water can help reduce hair fall.
  • Avoid sunburn to the scalp and body. The sun can have serious consequences for overall health.
These great tips used to reduce hair loss can definitely help in keeping your hair strong and healthy.


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