Top nutrients where to get them

Top nutrients where to get them

• Calcium: Low-fat milk, broccoli, turnip greens, yogurt/cheese, cereal

• Folic Acid: Fortified cereal, green leafy veggies, whole grain cereal, 

• Fiber: Bran, whole grain cereal, apples, pears, raw veggies 

• Iron: ragi,dates, roasted channa,green leafy vegetables, chicken, 
ground beef, seafood, 

•Fluids:Water,butermilk, juices,coconut water 

• Omega 3:- . Wild salmon, halibut, non-white tuna, sardines, walnuts, Flax seeds, Pumpkin seeds 

• Isoflavones:-soy, red wine, purple grapes, pomegranate, cranberries..!

.Take care of ur health first......and " STAY HEALTHY"

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