Natural Cures for Acne

Natural Cures for Acne:

Yogurt & Oatmeal:

There are a variety of different face masks that one can make that act as a home remedy in the treatment of acne.
The first and most popular is a paste of natural yogurt and oatmeal, this is then applied to dry on the face.
Once dry it is removed with lukewarm water and is said to provide some long lasting relief from acne breakouts.

Honey & Cinnamon:

Another such mask that can provide a natural cure for acne and provide relief from breakouts is the combination of honey and cinnamon powder.
This mask is applied to the face and left on overnight to help sink in and alleviate breakouts.
It is also recommended that creating a paste from roasted and powdered pomegranate skin with fresh lime juice can be a lifesaver when it comes to the prevention of acne.


It is said that drinking fresh juices, particularly those that are citrus based, can provide some relief from acne breakouts.
Lime juice in particular is a well known and celebrated natural cure for acne and the basis of many home remedies.
Drinking a glass of wheat juice daily can be an effective aid in the removal of acne.