Save Paper - Save Trees

Save Paper - Save Trees

One A4 size paper consumes 10 liters of water for its production and 17 trees are cut to produce one ton of paper. 
This shows the extent of damage done to the earth every time we waste our paper.

To reduce the wastage of paper and encourage reuse of the paper.
To reduce the wastage of resources in turn.

What we have to do?
We have to reuse the one side used papers which are wasted in our institutions and offices.
If possible send two side used papers to recycling units so that we can get a fresh recycled paper.

How this will have an impact on the environment?:
Imagine we reuse 5000 one sided papers, it means we have using 2500 papers and saving 25000 liters of water.
On the other hand if we save around 100 kg of paper, we can save atleast one tree.
So the entire duty of a single tree can be done by us by saving the equivalent amount of paper.
Hence lets go ahead to save every piece of paper to make a difference.

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