Very Useful Fact -

Very Useful Fact - 

The easiest way to get rid of smelly shoes, is by placing tea bags inside them and leaving them overnight because it'll absorb the odor.

Tea Bag Method
1. First, get your shoes, and gather your materials. You should have 3 tea bags per shoe, body spray, talcum powder, and fabric softener.

2. Put in fabric sheets whenever you take your shoes off.

3. Then, get the unused tea bags and stuff them in there over night.

4. The next day, take out the tea bags, and dispose of them.

5. After you dispose of the tea bags, spritz the shoes with body splash, or sprinkle the insides with fraganced talcum powder to give them more of a natural smell.

6. Don't forget to use Talcum powder! It's a life saver!

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