4 Ways to use Green Tea for Clear Skin

1) Make Green Tea Ice Cubes to Get Rid of Redness
Fill a cup of warm water and put a green tea bag. Let the tea bag soak in for 5mins then take it off. Now put the green tea in an ice cube tray and put it in freezer overnight. Next morning take an ice and rub it on where you have red skin/pimples in circular motions. Then wash your face with warm to cold water and you are ready to go.

2) Exfoliating with green tea and sugar.

Brew some green tea and when it is warm, take 1 tbsp of green tea to half tbsp of sugar. Mix them in a bowl but don't let sugar melt. Before that happens, exfoliate your skin in circular motions and there you have a clear skin free from dead skin cells.

3) You can simply use cold brewed green tea as a facial rinse.

 So when you wake up, wash your face with any facial wash you use. Then take the green tea and rinse your face with it. Pat your face dry and you are ready to go. This will make your skin glow throughout the day and won't look flaky or dull.

4) Using Green tea as a sun protection.

 In summer or sunny days, pour some green tea in a spray bottle. Spray the green tea all over your body and then apply sunscreen lotion. Green tea protects skin from sun damage and UV rays. So your skin won't burn and won't get wrinkly skin before the age.

Don't forget the neck area when you are using above tips. Or else you might end up with uneven skin tone :)
And whenever you use brewed green tea, make sure its NOT hot and warm enough or cold to rinse your face.