Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss:

Genetics are a major cause of hair loss. If male pattern hair loss
runs in your family then you’re
likely to suffer from it also.

Both physical and mental stress
could potentially cause u to have hair loss. If you are
suffering from stress caused hair
loss then you should find a way to reduce stress or get rid of the
cause of your stress as soon as possible.

#Improper Hair Care:
Having tight braids, hair weaves, and tightly pulled back hair could potentially cause you hair loss
problems that appear around the
edge of the hairline.
Some flatirons, dyes, and some relaxers might also cause hair

Certain diseases will cause you to have hair loss.chronic cough n cold,ellergy conditions that could potentially
cause you to have hair loss.

Hair loss is a fairly common side effect of many different
medications. If you suffer from hair loss after taking a particular medication you should consult
your doctor immediately.

#Poor Nutrition:
Not getting the proper nutrients is another reason why people
lose their hair.

Birth control pills, pregnancy, and
menstrual cycles all have an effect on hair loss in women. In men, an increase in testosterone
might affect hair loss.