The main use for Cola is as a beverage, but there are other things it can be used for. Learning the other uses for Cola can save you money on purchasing several different products. For example, Cola can remove stains and rust on metal. That's now two products you don't have to buy.

*Removing Rust and Hard Water
Cola can remove rust from nails and from the bumper of your car. To remove rust on a small object, fill a plastic cup with Cola. Then add the rusted metal object. Leave it overnight and then wipe the rust off with an old rag. To remove rust from larger metal you will need a sheet of aluminum foil. Roll the aluminum foil up in to a ball and dip in the Cola so that it is covered on all sides with the liquid. Rub it in a circle over the rust. You may need to apply the Coke a few times and then rub, but it will work.It is also used in removing hard water from your bathroom tiles and toilet bowls.

*Stain Removal
Cola contains acid that can remove grease and blood stains from fabric. Fill your washing machine and add your normal amount
of laundry detergent. Then add one can of Cola. Place a load of laundry in the washing machine including the items with the
stains. When the wash cycle is over, your clothing will be stain free.

*As Medicine
Cola is often used to treat upset stomachs. You must first let the Cola sit out and become flat. If you are feeling nauseous you will want to sip the flat Cola every ten minutes or so until your stomach begins to feel better. If you have an upset stomach due to diarrhea, you can drink the Cola at a faster rate. Your stomach will be feeling better in no time.

*Removing Pests
If you have a problem with slugs or snails you can use Cola as both bait and poison. Pour the Cola in a small dish and watch
the sugar attract the slugs and snails. Once the pests get on the dish the acid will destroy them. Cola also works to remove
bugs from a car windshield. Just pour the Cola over the bugs on the windshield and wait 10 seconds. Use your windshield wipers and the bugs will easily come off.

*For Cooking
You can use Cola as a marinade to make meats more tender. Pour a can of Cola in a mixing bowl and then add a dry packet of
Italian dressing mix. Stir the two together and place your meat in the bowl. Make sure the meat is covered on both sides by the mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours before cooking. Your meat will be nice and tender.