Exercises to improve ur vision:

Exercises to improve ur vision:
A healthy adult blinks
between 10 and 12 times per
minute. However, the number of
times we blink goes down
drastically when People
involved in activities like– reading, watching TV, working
on a computer and so on, blink
only 3-4 times per minute or
nearly 60% less than the normal
rate. This not only causes extra
stress on our eyes and eye
muscles but increases the risks
of developing various eye
diseases, particularly Dry Eye.

Blinking is one of the easiest
vision exercises;Here is what you
should do:
1. Close your eyes for a second
and relax.
2. Blink 15 times rapidly. Do not
put extra tension on your eyelids
or your face. Try to blink lightly,
as if your eyelids are the wings
of a butterfly.
3. Close your eyes for a second
and relax.
4. Repeat the exercise twice.
Blinking eyesight exercise is a
great way to remove your vision
stress. Remind yourself to do it at
least once per hour and you will
notice an improvement of your
vision almost immediately.

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