How to Remove Permanent Marker From the Skin

1. Wash the skin with warm water and a liquid antibacterial hand soap. Gently pat and stroke the marks with a warm soapy rag. Do not rub, or you can work the marker into the skin and cause staining.

2. Rinse the soap off with clear water and pat the area gently with a towel to dry. Check to see if the marker has been removed.

3. Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and pat the marks with the wet cotton ball. This should remove the rest of the marker marks.

4. Try spraying the mark with a light coat of hair spray if it did not all come off. Wait for the hairspray to dry and then wash it off the skin with warm water and cloth. The ink may come off your skin with the hairspray.

5. Spray a light coat of cooking spray onto the skin and then wash it off with warm soapy water. The cooking spray might loosen the last of the ink, allowing it be removed.