Miscellaneous Health Tips for a Healthy Week Ahead

1. Start your day with fresh juice - vegetable or fruit juice in the morning can make you glow. Avoid caffeine as first thing in the morning. Grab a fruit instead.

2. Take small meals and munch on healthy snacks. Nuts, carrots, and fruits can go with you to perk up metabolism.

3. Avoid smoking and being around smokers. 

4. 10 mnts after a rigorous work out, sip a little water, a small carb munch, and some protein afterwards. This is the best time your body can make use of all the three.

5. Get gorgeous. Top up 30 minutes of physical activity with 10 minutes of Pranayama.

6. Up your Vit D intake with 15 minutes of sun exposure everyday.

Now Wear your Smile for a Gorgeous Day :)

Which TIP do you like the best? Tell Us!

live life healthy.