The Effects of Excessive Cell Phone Use

cell phones have become a major part of our culture. What once was a tool for business alone has become a key of communication for personal use, for families, and now, even for children. Cell phone use is starting at an earlier age and it is important for us to consider what the possible long-term side effects could be. While there is little conclusive evid
ence of cell phone use, there are many preliminary studies available.

A study by the Center on Media and Child Health found that teens who excessively use cell phones may be more prone to depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. These are preliminary studies and it is not known if the depression originated as a result of the cell phone use or if the cell phones were used more frequently as a result of depression.

Sleep Problems
According to a study conducted by the Sahlgren's Academy in Sweden, teenagers who excessively use cell phones are prone to losing sleep. Those who used cell phones frequently consumed more caffeinated beverages and had problems falling asleep. The sleep was disrupted and the teens were more likely to have stress and fatigue. Reduced sleep over a period of years may lead to cognitive problems and an inability to multitask effectively.

Effects on the Brain
There are two very differenct camps when it comes to the long-term effects of cell phones on the brain. One camp, led by award-winning scientist Dr. Vinia Khurana believes that enough studies have shown an increase of brain tumor risk that cell phones should be extremely altered to limit radiation. The other camp believes that cell phones can actually stimulate and improve the brain. A study at the University of South Florida showed a connection between cell phone radiation and a reversal in Alzheimer's disease. More long-term studies need to be conducted before either end result is clear.

A study by the Reproductive Research Center in Cleveland showed that cell phone usage may decrease the quality of semen in men by reducing viability, sperm count, motility, and its normal morphology. In tests, the semen quality decreased more when the subject was exposed more to cell phone radiation.

Excessive cell phone use over time may lead to symptoms of addiction, according to a study conducted in China. These signs include paranoia when the teens were without their phone and consistent worry that they would miss a message when their phone was turned off. Some other symptoms may include problems at school from constant phone use, having strong and irrational reactions to losing or forgetting a phone, or feeling uncomfortable when not using a phone.