Benefits of using fresh mint leaves in our daily diet

• During summer while preparing sarbath and chutneys if u add mint leaves it relieves you from gas trouble
• Abdominal pain, gas trouble, vomiting sensation can be prevented by mixing ½ tea spoon of mint leaves extract in one cup of water.
• Inhaling fresh mint leaves relieves you from congestion problems, like sinus infections and common cold.
• Your teeth become white when you chew fresh mint leaves for a while at least once or twice a week.
• Mint leaves eliminate toxins from the body and when included in the diet on a regular basis, eliminates bacteria and fungus from the body.
• The antifungal properties associated with mint help in curing asthma and other allergic conditions.
• Mint helps in getting rid of headaches and migraines . Mental fatigue, stress, depressive states and headaches can be ameliorated if mint oil is applied over the temples and backhead.
• Mint oil is a powerful stimulant and tonic. Mint is recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, for disinfection of the oral pocket and in cases of ear inflammation. Due to the fact that it has an antibacterial action it can cure acne and blackheads.

How to brew an excellent fresh mint tea
• Drinking herbal mint tea reduces irritated bowel syndromes and cleanses the stomach.
• Mint is used in a variety of ways, but the most common is through the brewing of mint tea.Fresh mint tea can be made by pouring hot, but not boiling, water over fresh leaves of mint. When preparing mint tea, it is important that the preparation be covered while it is steeping to prevent the valuable volatile oils from evaporating.
• Milk and sweetener can be used optionally.