Black & White Gypsy Vanner Horse #It definitely uses 'Pantene'. :) Facts about the breed:

1.The Gypsy Vanner breed originated with gypsies inEngland and Ireland.

2. The breed was started about 50 years ago.

3.It has a confirmation like the Shire but a little smaller.

4. It has long hair called “feathering”on its four lower legs.

5. The Gypsy Vanner’s colors can be any color or combination of colors.

6. If Gypsy Vanners are shorter than 14 hands, they are called “mini Gypsies.”

7. This breed can be ridden, driven, jumped, or used in dressage and shown in all kinds of classes.

8. It has a muscular neck and well-rounded rump.

9. Its personality is pleasant and well-mannered.