Energy Giving Foods

Beans, peas and peanuts 

These three are the great source of magnesium. Magnesium plays great role in your body energy system. When you exercise or doing physical work magnesium is redistributed throughout your body to help energy giving molecules to reach where they needed.

Spinach is one of the best source of Iron, which helps in building energy. The consumption of spinach gives oxygen to your cells. For good absorption of spinach in your body you can add vitamin c or strawberries or oranges to help improve absorption.

Almonds, walnut, cashews and pecans are some of the energy building foods. These dry fruits contain protein for endurance and co-enzyme Q 10, a nutrient that helps produce energy inside our cells. This combination makes them an ideal fuel choice for quick energy jolt and long-term endurance. 

Eggs are known to be one of the great sources of energy. Eggs gives many of the same benefits as that of lean meats, including proteins, vitamin B and iron gives.

Bananas are mainly used by the body builders because they can produce potassium which helps the muscles contract properly as well as the fruit sugars like fructose and glucose. Glucose rapidly dissolve in your body and gives good energy for your body.

Dark chocolates
Dark chocolates  boost your metabolism by lowering your stress level. It also helps increase alertness and sharpens your cognitive skills for a short term period. A study has found that chocolates contain flavanols that increases blood flow to key areas of your brain for about two to three hours, which helps fight fatigue.