Sleep Positions may determine your Personality


Personality: Foetus includes wide diversity of positions and so there is also a wide diversity of personalities. People who curl up in this position are described as being very sensitive and emotional with the ability to have intense relationships. They are described as sensitive at heart but tough on the outside. When they meet somebody f
irst time, they may be shy but relax quickly. They are often very gentle and kind, but scared from being hurt emotionally.


Personality: Log sleepers are more carefree than others. This relaxed and symmetric sleeping position represents relaxed inner self of sleeper. Log sleepers are social and easy going people who get pleasure from being part of the in-crowd. It makes them trusting on strangers much, though they may be easy to fool.


Personality: The personalities of Yearner sleepers are most complex than all other sleeping positions. The Yearner sleepers are said to have a friendly and quite open nature, but they can be cynical, suspicious. They are slow in making decisions, but once they make up their minds, it is tough to change it back. When Yearners are truly committed, they can make the best of friends and their devotion is rewarded in kind.


Personality: These sleepers are outstanding listeners; they are ready to listen to other people at all times and it makes them confidant and great friends. They are always ready to help others. However most of the time, they do not like to be the centre of attention.


Personality: Freefallers tend to be very intense, brash and gregarious people but they can be sensitive and nervy underneath. They love freedom and do not like extreme situations or criticism.


Personality: Generally, soldier sleepers are tend to be reserved and quiet, but they have very strong emotions inside even they do not show them always. Soldier sleepers do not like a commotion, but set others and themselves high standards. They are very loyal and committed to protect the people closest to them, and they strongly value those bonds.