Phone Changes Shape to Notify the User of Incoming Calls

Forget a simple vibration or your newest ringtone being what draws attention to your notifications, this living phone actually changes shape when an incoming call comes in.

Looking almost like some kind of reptile, this phone uses a multi-sensory system that allows the phone to go from completely flat when not in use to a rounded position 

when a call is coming in. The rounded position is meant to be more ergonomically suitable to phone use. Once your call is over, you simple push the phone against a flat surface. The living phone flattens and the call ends.

The phone is called ‘Curious’ and comes from Youngkwang Cho. Cho is a multi-disciplinary designer who works and lives in California. Although Cho has also designed stylishly simple items like a desk lamp and an extension cord, this living phone is by far his most intriguing product.