Vitamin and nutrition for your hair

Vitamin E and Niacin>

Vitamin E is known to help produce healthy skin and has positive effects on the skin of the scalp. Circulation, and thereby blood flow to the follicles, is stimulated by both niacin  and vitamin E.


Too little biotin causes hair to grow slowly and may cause the hair to thin. Biotin also helps to prevent graying.

Vitamin B6>
Vitamin B6 helps to keep hair from thinning. Vitamin B6 also increases the production of melanin, which is the chemical that gives hair its color.

Inositol is a compound found in the membranes of cells. It keeps the cells of hair follicles healthy so that they can continue growing healthy hair.

Vitamin A>
Vitamin A helps the scalp to produce healthy sebum. Sebum is a light yellow fluid produced by the body to keep the skin moisturized. The sebum produced by the scalp moisturizes the scalp itself and the hair. Too little sebum will cause the hair to be dry, and too much will cause hair to be oily.