Why do we snore and what are the reasons

Why do we snore and what are the reasons behind snorting it is a question that arises in all the mind of snoring people.
It is very important to try to know in which sleeping style we snore. We can easily find the reason by knowing the sleeping style we snore. When we come to know the right reason then we will be able solve this problem. In this regards we must keep the following in observation.
(a) If you snore by closed mouth, it may be due to the problem by your tongue.
(b) If you snore with open mouth, it may be due soft tissues in the throat.
(c) If you snore by sleeping on your back, sound may be low and can be over come by changing the sleeping style.
(d) If you snore at all sleeping style then it’s a serious issue and you need a medical treatment.

How to get rid of snoring How to stop snoring

 We can fix this issue by making certain changes in ourselves.
(i) By reducing weight  (ii) Daily exercise  (iii) Quit smoking  (iv) Quit alcohol, drugs and sleeping pills  (v) Fix sleeping time  (vi) Nasal clearance  (vii) Humidify bed room environment  (ix) Over eating at night  (x) Quit sleeping on the back these all are snoring remedies follow it and see the result.