10 male responses to women issues

Women know what they want and they are determined to make that clear to their men. We bring you ten of their response to our 'dumb' questions.

-A real man says "I love you "100 times per day
Bla bla bla ... it doesn't how many times he says it? Woman who wants to hear "I love you "several times a day is considered insecure. Is it always necessary to convince a woman that you love her?

-A real man is always there, but respect a woman's independence
This means that he is always there when his women gets in some kind of trouble, and he never make her to feel bad about that

-A real man understands a woman's needs
He understands and appreciates all of them, but I do not understand why women need to explain them again and again.

-A real man makes his wife laugh when his woman is sad
Not true, he hugs her and let her cry it out, and then asks her if he could help her somehow. If he makes her laugh, taht means that he doesn't know what else to do and he feels bad about that

-A real man gives flowers when she least expect ...
Real men know that the flowers for the wedding bouquet. For everything else there is MasterCard.

-A real man is sleeping on his woman's arms
Ok, does anyone can do that? What about a cramp in her hand, and occasional twitches of the elbow or knee and complaining in sleep.

-A real man does not lie
I you succeed to find a man who will never lie about anything, go away from him because he is probably some kind of a psychopath. We all have our little lies. This soes not necessarily mean that they are malicious or essential.

-A real man helps you ti choose clothes
That's a real Fashion Cat! For the right man, a woman is beautiful no matter what she wears. A men usually thinks like this - Wear what you like and do not bother me.

-A real man loves his wife's friends
Nope! Just because they are yours friends it doesn't mean that they are his as well!

-A real man always keeps his wife's hand
...And this proves how insecure he is? It is nice to hold someone's hand ... but not ALWAYS!