10 Things Women Hate About Men

Have you ever thought that men are terrible creatures? Seems like they really know how to get on your nerves. Be it making depreciate comments about your habits or be it the dirty shoes on the doorway. They start conflicts, wage wars and at last they put all their blame on women, by justifying themselves that all they do is for women. But, don’t worry, you are not alone, for there are a few standard habits of men that usually irritate women to the core. So, let’s see what are the 10 things that women just hate about men.

Depreciate Comments About Your TV Habits: Well, it’s not your fault that you are addicted to various television shows or reality shows like Oprahs or American Next Top Model.  While men feel that watching those reality shows is such a waste of time, women do think that watching those WXW wrestling championship have no sense. So, why not men just keep their mouth shut and escapes from the television room when their women are watching a reality show???

The Messy Wiry ‘Wireless’ Home: One charger for one mobile phone, it’s not all what we need?? Why guys have to keep the wires crawling all round the room like vines? On top of that, the drawers that are filled with old cables or screws that look like vipers’ nests. These computer, phone and camera charges were scattered wherever there is space to occupy as if they are the most important treasures that should display forever.

Selfishness: Selfishness is certainly one of the main things that get on women’s nerves. Men usually convinced that it is men’s world, and women are entitled to listen him, whether you like it or not. Yes, there are many things that men can be proud of; however you also need to understand women as well. Men’s unending game to be on top of the world cause additional stress and trouble to women. It is not fair when guys keeping their feet on their women and trying to fly always.

Indifference to Women’s Family: Don’t you think it is wrong, when you are always ready to help your own family, but giving not much importance to your wife’s family? No matter how or what they may be, women still love their parents as much as men do. So, there’s no point of telling your wife that your sister, friend or mother doesn’t know anything about life. When you are not ready to celebrate your wife’s gandma’s birthday, how can you expect your wife to serve you and your family during your family’s party.

Dirty Dishes: Most of the men think that doing kitchen work like cooking, cleaning house or cleaning dishes are not guys thing, women should do it. But guys, if you are thinking like that, you are absolutely wrong. There is nothing as women’s work or men’s work. Is not it better and happier when you help each other??  Yes, you may have other tasks to perform, however if you know that your wife is busy doing other things, just cleaning your dishes may be a big help for her.

Watching Soccer at the Loudest Volume: Yes, we do understand that soccer is such an interesting game to watch. However, make sure that you also give importance to your wife’s longing for peaceful time and your kid’s sleep. When your wife is watching a movie, you are entitled to ask useless questions after every few minutes, so how can you forget your woman just because you are watching your favorite soccer game???

Household Helplessness: Sometimes guys know better than their women where certain stuffs are stored. However, it is the wife who needs to look or search for their things because men are often too busy or lazy to find their things. They have to irritate you, since they cannot decide themselves on which pair of socks or necktie to wear. It would be much better to provide your husband a special closet or shelf where he can put his things, and it’s his fault if he cannot find something!!!

Believing that His Works are More Important: Although, your work might be very important to you, guys never ever tell or suggest your wife that your work is more important. This is definitely one of the most common things women hate in men. She may remember this for the rest of her life. Again remember that women do have many important works.

Believing that Women are the Worst Drivers:Due to higher testosterone levels in men’s bodies, they have faster reaction and better concentration. While women need more time to practice and react. However one day your husband will definitely understand that it is not good either to be very arrogant on the road.
Insecurity: Last, but not the least, women just hate when their man is insecure about their partners. Even worse, when they start tracking every person they talk and every move they make. It shows that he is not confident about himself and the key part in relationship “trust’ is missing in their relationship.