4 signs tell that he wants you

Experts have concluded that it takes between 90 seconds and four minutes in order to decide whether we like someone or not, and our body language is the first indicator. In fact, before you even say anything more than 80 percent of first impression we give by our view, walking and posture. Here are the first signs that reveal that someone is crush on you.

The way he observe you
In a conversation with someone you do not know, especially when it comes to the business environment we focus our view on the eyes and nose with the person we are talking to, while talking with friends and family, your view begins to descend and move from the eye to eye through the nose to the lips. But in an conversation with a person you like your view begins to wander and expand on shoulders, hair, and gradually the whole body. If you feel a man is observing you in this way, be sure that he is interested in you.

Moving the eyebrows
Although we can not move our eyebrows much, they are very important body language that reveals a lot more than you think. The moment we saw a person who likes us, his brow reflexively move up or down so it can be called one of the first indicators of seduction.

Body movements
Body language can be very interesting indicator of the first signs of interesting in another person. Studies have shown that in a situation where we are surrounded with more people at least one part of the body such as legs, feet, shoulders or arms is being directed to the person we like. It is non-verbal indication that the person is very friendly.

Did you know that blinking is not only a sign of seduction of old Hollywood films but unaware of physical activity which also shows that we have warmed up to another person. If you like what you see, the eye pupil will become ever wider, and the number of flashes will rapidly increase. We can not control this reaction and it can turn out very cute and alluring, especially when women do it.