5 Great Tips to Perfect Nails

It would be very annoying when any of the nails break and gives an odd look to your

fingers. Moreover it is not that easy to keep perfect nails and you need to spend some of your valuable time to make them look great.  You can easily achieve your goal with these 5 great tips to perfect nails after reading this article.

5 Great Tips to Perfect Nails
Step 1. Buffing

If you buff your nails regularly, it will stimulate blood supply and it will bring the nutrients to your nails. In this way, they will be stronger and it will remove all the ridges.

Step 2. Filing

While you are performing your nails, you need to file them in one direction. Filing nails in different directions will cause some cracks that could cause breakage. You also need to file your nails slowly.

Step 3. Avoid Dark Colors

Dark nail polishes will make nails yellow. You can apply dark colors for French manicure. You can also get fake nails.

Step 4. Non-acetone Removers

You need to use acetone free removers in order to remove your nail polishes. All the dermatologists agree on the risks of acetone. It will harm your nails and make them become brittle.

Step 5. Gloves

Try to reduce the times that you spend for washing dishes and doing laundry. All the chemicals that you use will harm your nails and hands. Whenever you need to touch these chemicals, wear gloves to protect your hands from harm.

Tips for Perfect Nails

While your performing the manicure, you need to soak your hands in warm water in order to make them soften.
Before applying actual polish, you need to apply a base coat and apply the second one after sometime to let them totally dry.
You also need to push your cuticles back. Cutting them will stop their protective functions.
Hands and nails are very important for our entire body care. They play an important role in enhancing our beauty. And, nail health is the best way to get perfect nails. We hope, you can ensure healthy nail with these tips.