8 Ways to Get rid of Black Knees/Elbow

 Knees and Elbows become dark because of dead skin cells. To get rid of these dead skin cells, you need ingredients that exfoliate and/or bleach dark skin Naturally.
After trying out these recipes, It is very important to MOISTURISE. Any moisturiser will work but I recommend cocoa butter or rub some olive oil on knees/elbows for better results. If you don't moisturise them then they will become darker.

1) You Need:
Baking Soda

Mix enough milk to make baking soda a little damp. Apply the paste on knees or elbows and scrub it in circular motions. Repeat this until you notice, your knees have became lighter and when you are happy with it. I used to skip a day before doing it again.

2) You Need:
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Olive Oil

If you don't have turmeric, you may use baking soda. Mix them well together and Apply + Rub in Circular motions.

3) You Need:
Gram Flour

Add enough lemon juice to make gram flour damp. Lemon is a Natural bleach and will reduce the darkness. Apply + Rub in Circular motions.

4) You Need: (I tried this one and it worked for me pretty well)
Olive Oil

Just rub the olive oil on knees. This oil has natural bleaching properties and will also make your skin glow. It is the cheapest way.

5) You Need:
Anything that exfoliates your body (loofah, exfoliating brush etc...)

Scrub your knees with loofah or whatever you have, when you are having a shower and scrub with them in circular motions.

6) You Need:
Really amazing moisturiser or cocoa butter or Shea butter

Dark knees/elbows are also caused by dry skin, so you need A LOT of moisturisers if you notice your knees/elbows are flaky.  {P.S Shea butter is the BEST moisturiser I have ever tried.}

7) You Need:
Sunscreen Lotion

Knees/elbows are most exposed in sun during summer. No doubt they will become dark if exposed without sunscreen lotion applied. You can use sunscreen lotion as a moisturiser and to lighten dark knees/elbows after shower. 

8) You Need:
Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel reduces dark scars/sun damage caused by over-exposure of knees/elbows. You can buy pure aloe Vera gel from any drug stores/pharmacies/health stores.

One of the tricks I used:
Take two strips of cloth that are wide enough to cover your knees/elbows and some olive oil. Apply olive oil on knees/elbows and massage it for 2 mins. Tie 2 strips of cloths around knees to keep the moisture in and leave them over night. In the morning, scrub your knees/elbows with loofah and wash off the oil in the shower. Moisturise your knees/elbows after shower and Repeat until you see results.

Hope it works for you guys. Take Care.