About what men lie most?

There is almost no woman who does not struggle with at least one complex that is her main concern, but although the complexes and lying about the weight and age is definitely a women's specialty, men also are not exempt from this. Find out why are men ashamed and about which things they mostly lie.

8. About the years
While men are teenagers in order to get the girls they lie that they are at least five years older than they really are, over the years, the situation begins to change, and forties slowly but surely are becoming the thirties.

7. About the height
One of the greatest men's complex is definately high. Men of lower growth often feel insecure in front of some beautiful girl with high heels and even if your man is about your height, do not overdo it with heels.

6. About the earnings
Dreaming about nice cars and a lot of money is almost what every man does. At the present time when the exterior is more attractive than the real inner beauty is hard to stay calm. This is why men feel more powerful at a time when they mention of how well they stand financially.

5. About cosmetics and care
Although cosmetics is more women's area, more and more men discovered the charms of smooth skin and shiny and fragrant skin. Although they will not reveal that, but most men will be happy to try products for face, body and hair.

4. About the weight
The weight is definitely something about what most of the women does not want to talk, and if necessary, without any remorse they will lie about that. It is similar with men, but in both directions. Studies have shown that 60 percent of men will remove and 40 percent add weight, depending on how thin or thick they are.

3. About the sexual activity
Sexual power is a very powerful tool, especially during the men's conversation. This is why very often in such stories will sneak an occasional lie. Lie on a higher sexual activity is particularly present in the free men who are competing.

2. About the size of masculinity
This area really is not necessary to explain, because from time immemorial the size of masculinity was the proof of manhood. Although the size does not guarantee the quality of which could confirm a lot of women but we will not go into details.

1. About Masturbation
Whatever your partner was talking or explaining, you must be aware that 99.9 percent of men masturbate regularly. If you don't like it then don't ask anything.