Benefits Of Neem Leaves In Water

If there is any magic, it is present in the Neem tree. Grown throughout India, the Neem tree is well known not only for its medicinal properties but also for taking care of environmental issues. It is often referred to as a plant with a promise.

In English language Neem tree is known as Margosa tree and in biological terms as Azadirachta indica. Because of its exceptional medicinal properties of relieving and curing illness, neem leaf is often considered as a multipurpose herb.

In ancient vedas, Neem tree is referred to as ‘sarva roga nivarini’ which means ‘capable of curing all ailments and illness’. Every part of this tree (branch, leaves, bark, fruits, flowers and root) proves to be extremely beneficial.

Properties of Neem

Anti bacterial
Anti parasitic
Anti fungal
Anti protozoal
Anti viral
Anti malarial
Benefits of Neem Leaves In Water

Boiled water with neem leaves provide numerous health benefits. Its application provides gentle as well as very effective relief from ailments.

Treats scalp and hair loss issue: Add a cup of fresh neem leaves to boiling water and use this water to rinse the scalp after the application of shampoo. The anti-bacterial property of neem helps to treat the dry scalp, dandruff and hair fall issues efficiently.
Treats injury caused due to burns: An injury caused due to burn can be healed faster with the usage of neem water. The application of neem water on the injury helps the skin to recover fast and also prevents creation of any allergy or infection over the affected skin.
Relief from Chicken pox pain: In order to soothe the patient’s skin and prevent additional spreading of the infection, post treatment the patient is advised to take bath with neem water for additional care.
Eyewash: Boil fresh leaves of neem in a water for 10 minutes and then allow it to cool completely. Use this neem water as an eyewash in case of conjunctivitis or during irritation in the eyes.
Treats sore throat: Gargling with neem water provides relief to sore throat.
Tired Foot: After a long tiring day, soaking the feet in warm neem water provides relief to the foot ache.
Skin disorder: In order to get rid of all skin infections, one can boil a few leaves of neem in water and mix this neem water in the bath tub or bucket and use it for bathing. Daily application helps to get rid of body odor.
Treats pimples and acne: A neem face pack made by grinding a few neem leaves with some water works best to treat the pimple and acne problems.
Adding bitterness of neem leaves in water and using it can make life much sweeter to live.