Common Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

#Thinning skin -The skin under the eyes is thin and delicate to begin with. As we age, skin and the fat pad under the eyes becomes thinner, causing blood vessels to become noticeable. This gives the appearance of dark circles. 
#Allergies -Dark circles under the eyes can be the result of allergies to airborne substances, such as pollen, dust, and pet dand
er, because people rub their itchy eyes.
#Genetics- Dark circles under the eyes runs in families.
#Excess dietary salt and smoking are common causes.
#Lack of sleep~ A lack of sleep can make skin appear more pale, which allows blood vessels to be more visible through the skin, giving the appearance of bluish or dark circles.
#Iron Deficiency Anemia Iron deficiency anemia may cause a bluish tinge below the eyes.
#Dehydration Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of dehydration.!