Dieting nowadays is a very popular issue

Dieting nowadays is a very popular issue. Almost every woman in this or that period of her life tried to lose weight with the help of diet. And of course it is not so easy to do because there are millions of them now and it’s hard to decide which of them fits you better. But whatever it was you must remember that it should be balanced and should not cause harm to your organism and your health. 

Moreover you should be careful taking some kinds of medicines which can cause digestive problems or can slow down your metabolism for example birth control pills or Viagra. There are some weight shade techniques that you are to avoid for sure because they are able to damage your body’s system. Here they are:

1. Don’t hurry

One of the biggest mistakes of the women is some kind of unrealistic expectations. It is definitely not so good to lose too many pounds during one week. The scientists have proven that too quick weight lose leads to quick return of the pounds. It’s OK to lose 2-3 pounds per month because the changes are able to become stable for this period.

2. Eat before exercising

Exercising on an empty stomach is also a dab idea because it was discovered that in this case the calories to burn are taken from your muscles not fat. So fuel your body before working out, it additionally will give you more energy to work harder.

3. Don’t starve

Extreme cutting of calories will lead just to slowing down of your metabolism but not to a weight loss. Our body is not so stupid; it will strive to save the things it already has if it feels that there is something wrong with your nutrition. To keep your metabolism working, just have small healthy snacks during a day if you have no possibility to have a full meal. Schedule is the best stuff for a dieting.

4. Choose “the whole life” diet.

You are to understand that diet is not just some simple or quick way to loose weight. No. It may help before your wedding day or a long expected date, but then if will not continue to keep it longer the pounds will return or, what is much worse, may even abundance. So you should realize that if you decided on a diet you are to keep to it “up to the end”, which means that your diet should become a part of your lifestyle