Doctors to remove 16 pound facial tumor

A 15-year old Vietnamese girl,Lai Thi Dao suffers from a Schwannoma tumor which has been growing on her face since she was 3-years old.

Lai Thi Dao, is awaiting surgery in Miami, Florida. The surgery is to remove a 16-pound facial tumor. The surgery is needed to allow her to speak and eat once again.

The tumor has grown to the point where she is no longer able to eat or speak. It has even kept her from going to school.

Doctors have a 10-hour surgery scheduled for April 29 to remove the tumor. The surgery will be held at Jackson Memorial Hospital. If they do not remove the tumor, it could suffocate and kill the girl. These types of tumors are usually benign, but doctors stated that the size of this particular tumor is extremely rare.

The International Kids Fund is trying to gather up donations to help fund the girl’s surgery. A link to the page for the International Kids Fund is below.

Once the tumor is removed, Lai hopes to get back to school in Vietnam. Doctors do not believe the tumor will return once it is removed.