Drinking Warm Water Early Morning

Many of us wonder that even after having a healthy diet we do not feel fit. Ever thought that lack of water intake can be the cause? Majority of us replace water with some soda or coffee or some concentrated juice and then wonder why we do not feel at par. The answer is simple, no liquid can replace the magical properties of pure and fresh water. However, though there are some disagreements over the right quantity of water necessary for the body, the thumb rule is to have at least 8 glasses of water daily to replace the amount of fluid lost by the body. So whether you are an active nut or a couch potato, you need to drink plenty of water to remain in the pink of health .

One of the best ways to ensure your body remains hydrated, kick start your day with a glass of warm water. Let us discover the benefits of drinking warm water early morning through this article.

Rehydrates the body: After a long period of peaceful sleep, our body tends to get dehydrated. A glass of lukewarm water helps to wake you up in much better way than a cup of coffee. One can also add a few drops of lemon juice to the water for a fresh morning start.
Energizes the body: A glass of warm water helps your digestive system to work efficiently. It helps to prevent constipation and increases your metabolism making one feel fresh and alert to take up new challenges.
Healthy skin: Skin is the reflection of how healthy you are internally. Drinking warm water early morning helps to remove the toxins from the body thus helping in achieving beautiful and glowing skin.
Destroys Bacteria: Drinking warm water helps to kill the harmful bacteria that are developed overnight in throat and intestine. It also helps to restore the lost moisture.
Avoids sickness and diseases: Accumulation of harmful toxins in our body causes tension, pains and headache. Drinking warm water as soon as one wakes up helps to flush out these toxins making one feel fresh. Drinking plenty of water also keeps joints well oiled thus preventing arthritis in later stage of life.
Boosts immunity system:
Drinking warm water by adding a few drops of lemon and honey not only tastes good but also helps in boosting up the immunity system. The combination works best for clearing the nasal cavities.

Note: Avoid drinking hot water directly from the hot water faucet. Though it saves time one should always take cold fresh water from the tap and then heat the water over the stove for some time and then drink it. This is because, since water heater contains certain metals there is a possibility of metals getting dissolved in the hot water causing serious health issues over the long period. Drink plenty of fresh and pure water early morning and enjoy the benefits it offers to you.