Drinking Water While Exercising

The human body is made to move and water is the fuel.
Physical fitness is the key to healthy life. However, while exercising regularly one needs to know how much water is required by the body in order to prevent dehydration. This is mainly because when ever you exercise you tend to sweat and lose large amount of fluids.
The more rigorous exercise you practice, the more important it is to drink sufficient amount of water. The movements of the muscles largely depends on how hydrated one’s body is, hence if it is dry, the exercise becomes difficult.
Benefits of drinking water during exercise
It helps to get rid of toxins.
It helps to replenish the body.
It helps to regulate the body temperature.
Prevents heat exhaustion.
Most important it keeps the body hydrated.
One should not wait until one is thirsty. Basically to get maximum benefit one needs to drink water three times, i.e.before, during and after the work out.
Drinking quantity:

Every individual is different and so are the needs. The amount of water required depends on various criteria such as the type and the duration of exercise, the body weight and how much one sweats during the exercise.
However, the basic guideline is as follows;
Before exercise:
Drink approximately 15 to 20 fl oz of water, at least 2 or 3 hours before starting the work out.
During Exercise:
Drink about 5 to 7 oz of water after every 15 to 20 minutes. Drink slowly (sip by sip).
After Exercise:
Now, measure your weight.
Drink at least 15 to 20 fl oz water for every pound you lost.
Fluid for body:
Studies say, when one exercises for 60 minutes, one tends to lose at least over a quart of liquid.
Plain and fresh water should be the first choice to keep the body hydrated.
However, if one exercises for more than 60 minutes and tends to sweat more due to intense work out, one can include sports drinks to replace the loss of  energy.
Drink plenty of water when exercising in hot and humid climate.
Choose sports drinks that are free from caffeine.
Observe the color of the urine in order to understand the hydration level.
Most importantly, drink water before you feel thirsty.
Regular exercise and drinking plenty of fresh and pure water is the secret for staying healthy.