Five ways of seduction

Seduction isn't just another game. A new research has revealed that there are few styles of seduction that depend on the person's personality and it's wishes.
The latest research conducted at the University of Kansas, has brought the results that suggest that there are five different styles of seduction. Each type of seduction itself depends on the person's personality.

Physical way of seduction can initiate the relationship very soon, and describes it with a large amount of chemistry and emotional connection between partners.

Traditionally seduction implies that men must take the first step, and women should follow it.

Decent seduction is somewhat more difficult to get a partner, but if you make it, the relationship is likely to be substantial and solid.

Seriously seduction implies a result of strong emotional connection and a strong chemical attraction.

Playful way of seduction rarely involves a long interest in another person. In most cases, is based on a brief flirting with no emotions.