Green Tea as an ally against cancer

If you like the taste of green tea, it's time for this drink to become your daily pleasure. Studies have shown that the ancient Chinese drink has positive aspects, which helps in fighting cancer and Alzheimer's disease. In addition to a delicious hot or cold drink, in which we enjoy throughout the year, green tea is much healthier and more useful than we previously thought.

The latest British research has shown that green tea protects the brain from Alzheimer's disease and could have a very significant role in the fight against cancer.

This drink originates from China where it was the favorite drink, and proved to have a very strong protective properties for the human body, and most importantly it its digestive properties are becoming more powerful and have more pronounced effect. Some compounds according to new research slowing the growth and development of tumor cells. Green tea has been for centuries a part of Chinese tradition, and its medicinal properties now have the scientific background.

Although a healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and fish and everyday activities are crucial in the fight against major diseases of our time, a cup of green tea per day is certainly a good habit.