Have sex to lose weight

If you are looking for a way to return your body back in the shape and get rid of the float accumulated during the holidays maybe the best solution is making love. Studies have shown that about 48 percent of people will not renew their membership at the fitness center this year, all thanks to recession and festive shopping.

The same at survey sextoys.co.uk website showed that 36 percent of those people will be happy for turning to enhanced lovemaking to make up for practice and get buck the good look.

Although 41 percent of respondents do not compare sex with aerobic activity that melts calories, it is the truth that the more you invest, the more will return to you. Sex is certainly not the most reliable way, but with the melting of fat and calories on the loss it associated partners and it also has a positive effect on health and a good mood.

If you complete often making love (at least four times a week), with some squats and several tours of sit-ups and even occasional long walk with your partner, the result will be a good look and considerable savings.