Home remedies to Get Rid of Ants

Vinegar is the best solution to vanish ants from your home.  Mix 0.5-1 L of vinegar with water, pour this solution around the nest and clean the floor with this solution. Ants will never again build their nests around.

Lemon Juice
Prepare pure lemon juice in a bowl and spray it at the openings of the house. It will work the best. The acidic juice of lemon will keep the ants at bay.

Coffee Grounds
No need to find out from where the ants are coming, just popup coffee grounds in the cracks, near cupboards and on outer lining of the beds. This will not kill them, it just makes  them migrate to other places.

Use cinnamon oil to stay away from ants. Draw borders around the openings of home with a stick dipped in it. Ants will never cross this boarder line.

Draw a line of chalk around window and entrance from where they are coming in. You can use chalk powder that you can get from stores. It is easy to make a line with it.

Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar
Mix baking soda and sugar powder in a lid, and set it at any place of convenience.  Acidic substance carried by ants for their protection reacts with the solution, so volcanic science experiment happens inside them. Slowly the ants will vanish from your home.