How to Deal with a Busy Husband

Dealing with an extremely busy husband can be very challenging for a wife and can be very painful and depressing for the kids who want to share happy moments with dad. Of course it comes from a sense of realizing it by oneself to allocate his or her duties in an efficient way but some priorities can compel a spouse to ignore other responsibilities as well.

Some aspiring husbands return home at wee hours and are often so exhausted with their workload that they cannot pay enough attention to their wife or children. Managing work and home can therefore be a challenge for the husband as well who may be trying his best to strike a balance but maybe the work is getting the best out of him. Here is how to deal with this situation in a proper way and still be relevant in your husband’s life:

Put yourself in his shoes: Ask yourself what you would do if you were in his shoes and had to care for your family in this time when we have the economic crisis. This will help you understand him and his work pressures as he’s not doing it intentionally because he wants to stay away from the kids and you but, because he needs to take good care of you. And to do that he has to work hard at keeping his job.

Talk to him: Communication is very important in making a marriage successful. Tell him about how his work is distancing him from you and kids and how you need to find a way of bridging this gap. To do this, you should make a schedule in that he always spares an hour for the family everyday whereby you watch TV, talk and do chores together. If his busy schedule will still not make this possible, you should decide on him taking a vacation every month so as to spend time with you and be able to re-bond.

Develop your own interests: This will keep you busy and prevent you from getting lonely when your husband is trying to earn more for you and the family. Join a reading club or a gym or get more involved in your children’s lives by going to games and movies with them. This will keep you and the kids engaged till your busy husband comes home as well as enable the kids to enjoy at-least one of their parents’ attention.

Stay visible: Always be there to welcome your husband from work with a smile and a kiss. Cook him his favorite food and be ready to listen to him and advise him accordingly. This will make you still relevant in his life so that he does not start taking you for granted. Berating your husband about how he always comes home late and how he does not have any time for his family will only push him further away from you and the kids.
Learn more about his work: Read about it and even ask him to tell you more about it. With this, you husband will find it easy to discuss his work with you as you understand his world; something that will keep you close as you will be communicating. Later on, you can be able to change the subject and talk about other things. On top of this, he will find it easy to invite you to his office’s social gatherings as you will be able to interact well with his colleagues and their wives.
These tips will not only help you to cope better with a busy husband but, also help to keep your relationship healthy.