How to Get a Girl to Like You

It’s not complicated or difficult to get a girl to like you if you know what you’re doing. Here are 7 tips to get you going.

Girls like a challenge. If you are too available to her or if you give her your heart on a platter, she won’t be interested. Women love the thrill of the chase. Flirt with her, but don’t let her know for sure whether you are truly interested... until you make your move.

Touch as well as talk. Look at men who are naturally charming. They tend to be very physical, and there’s lots of touching when they talk. It’s always appropriate (to the arms, shoulder, etc.), but it also builds a physical connection early.

Don’t put her on a pedestal. The prettier the girl, the less she wants you to treat her like she’s a princess, goddess, or angel. She’s a normal person who gets insecure just like you, who uses the bathroom just like you, and who is trying to figure this life thing out – just like you. Be a real person and treat her like a real person and she’ll find your company to be much more interesting.

Take care of the details. Women notice details, especially about your appearance. Whether you are naturally attractive or not, show that you respect yourself and take care of yourself. Make sure your clothes are clean, shoes are polished, hair is the way you want it, etc. That stuff is important to a lot of girls.

Act confident. It doesn’t matter whether you ARE confident. Just make sure you act that way. Girls love confidence the same way mice love cheese. They can’t resist. It doesn’t mean being arrogant or rude or obnoxious – a quiet confidence can be powerful too. Find a style that works well.

Be social. Girls tend to be social and tend to like being with guys who are social too. If a girl is going to be your girlfriend, she’s not only dating you, she is sharing your life. Cultivate interesting friends and hobbies.

Fun and passionate is better than “nice”. Too many guys think girls are looking mostly for nice guys. OK. It’s sort of true – most women say they want a guy who is nice. But honestly, “nice” isn’t that hard to find. If she’s pretty, most guys will be nice to her. She wants someone who is fun, someone who is passionate about his life, and someone who makes her feel. Nice is great, but nice by itself is boring.