How to Increase Height after 25?

The growth rate usually slows down when you reach adulthood (around 18 years), and though there is still a lot more of growth left, the pace after this age is usually much slower. If you want to increase height after 25 years of age, you need to first check if there are any lifestyle related reasons for you not growing as tall as you can, and make some healthy changes to help your body healthy. If that is not the case, and genetics or hormone deficiencies are involved, it’s best to get yourself checked up and get the right treatment. Here is more on how you can increase height after 25.

Changes in Posture
The posture you have when you sit or stand or carry weight can play an important role in how tall you are. Postural problems are one of the most common problems when it comes to height. You should always make sure that, no matter what position you are in, your spinal cord should not be out of shape for longer periods of time. If you have postural problems, you can try practicing Pilates, yoga, or any stretching exercises that will help restore spinal cord curves.

Hormone Supplements
One more way to ensure increase in your height after 25 is to try hormone supplements. Many people do not grow as tall as they expect to due to deficiencies in growth hormones. If that is the reason for you, you can consult a doctor, find out which hormone and how much of it should be taken for best results.

Surgery to Improve Height
There are surgeries that will help you increase bone length. The bone lengthening surgery usually involves lengthening the leg bones. However, the surgeries are fraught with many side effects such as severe pain, bone infections, and nerve injuries. So, it is essential to undergo the treatment patiently and wait till the treatment is complete.

Other Ways
If you do not prefer any of these ways for increasing your height, you can try ways that will make you appear taller, such as wearing high heeled shoes or hidden heels. Wearing clothes that are bound to make you appear tall is also a good idea.
Apart from trying ways to grow, you should also make sure you are taking care of your bone health. In addition to trying ways that will help you increase height after 25 years of age, eating foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D will help improve bone density and strength, and make things easier.