How to Tell a Guy That You Like Him

How to Tell a Guy That You Like Him - Telling a guy that you like him is a very tense action. You're not sure if this feeling should be disclosed now or must wait for a better time. Sometimes you also feel embarrassed to tell a guy that you love him.

But with the proper way, you can convince yourself that this should be done before its too late and regrets in the future.

Tell them that you're glad he's there in your life. "Talking to you is very nice. I like it when we hang out and talk"

Give him your own homemade food, or anything you made your own.

Show that you care about him when he needs support.

Take him to a private place.

Say that you love him.

Tell him that he's very meaningful to you.

Ask him how he felt about you.

Be warned, there are some things you must consider before or after doing the above Steps.

Do not Beg him to love you too.

Be honest.

Make sure you love him before telling him that.

If he does not have the same feeling for you, get it over with it. He's not the only guy in the world.