Kabang: The Story of a Dog Hero

Dogs are very loyal creatures. They play with their owners, wait for them to come home, and at times even risk their lives for those who care for them.

Kabang, a family dog from the Philippines, saved two children from being hit by a speeding motorcycle.

Kabang sacrificed herself, blocking the path of the motorcycle. As a result, she was badly injured — losing a part of her face and jaw.

Local vets said that the family could leave the dog in their hands for euthanasia. The family refused and still took care of the pregnant little hero.

After the story spread, the public donated more than US$20,000 for operations that will repair Kabang’s injuries.

Veterinary surgeons Frank Verstraete and Boaz Arzi, at the University of California, Davis, said that Kabang will need at least two operations.

“We are pleased with what we discovered today. We are confident we can improve her condition going forward,” Dr. Verstraete said.

Truly, dogs are man’s best friend.