Kids' safety on the Internet

For many people, getting acquainted with a PC is a terrifying and frustrating experience. Austin, Texas-based computer moms International offers its clients one-on-one computer and Internet training in their home or office to help ease the pressure. The rapidly growing company also helps families recognize hidden dangers on the Internet. For several years, they have conveyed the need for an “adult designated driver” for every child and teen that uses online services. Computer moms asks schools to distribute Internet safety brochures to parents of elementary and middle school students to get them more involved in their kids’ Internet activities. “Whatever your age, the Internet is a wonderful tool,” says Georgia Jones, founder of computer moms. “Unfortunately, it can also be a forum for people who exploit children and teens. Parents and kids need to be aware of its dangers and how to avoid them.” With the school year approaching, students soon will be browsing the Internet to research assignments and keep in touch with friends.