Lose weight on the right places

With diet we not lose only weight, but it also affects on the beauty of the skin, especially on the chest, and they are especially sensitive to changes in the body. With rigorous diets in your twenties to the thirties breasts may look a lot older than they are. Strength of the breast skin depends mainly on collagen and elastin - proteins that make up the connective tissue responsible for 'holding' skin. This connective tissue extends in parallel with increasing body surface.

So, when you get or lose weight, so does your skin stretches and narrows along with the surface of the body. Since any gain or weight loss first affects the 'female' parts - breasts and hips, skin on those areas is most under stress if you lose or get pounds too fast.

With constant expansion and shrinkage the skin becomes like a worn-out clothes - loses its elasticity, shrivels up and stretched to forever. Therefore, your breasts might soon cease to defy gravity and expose you to express diets where you lose more than two pounds a week.

In addition, rapidly lost weight will come back as fast and, thus starting the process is tightening and relaxing, and it is very negative for the breast tissue.

How to lose weight, but not your feminine attributes?
Instead of carbohydrates on the plate you should include large amounts of fruits, vegetables and white meat. Also, do not skip meals because this slows down your metabolism, which affects the rapid recovery of your weight. And so the process will be even more successful and healthier - engage in physical activity.

So you will tighten the skin and muscles and prevent the return of pounds, and your attributes will maintain strength and youthfulness for a long time.