Lots of sex for a longer life

An active sex life is the key to longer life for men, but only if you are faithful to their partners, as new study says.
Research conducted by the Italian Society for Sexual Medicine has shown that an active sex life means less cardiovascular problems for men. "What is clear from this study is that men with active sex lives, which are faithful to their partners, have less cardiovascular problems and long-lasting life, " says research director Emmanuele Jannini for Telegraph.
Increased sexual activity produces more testosterone, which leads to reduced depression and improved cardiovascular system, and thus a better metabolism, "says Jannini. The study showed that those who are unfaithful have troublesome cardiovascular system because they are exposed to a lot of stress.
Increasing levels of testosterone during sex for men is very beneficial because it helps burning excess of sugar and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Active sexual life helps to avoid the problems with the prostate as well.