Natural Cures For Migraine

Migraine is a painful headache caused due to stress and hormonal changes. In the midst of pain it may feel hopeless to find relief, however there are several things you can do. Here are some effective natural cures for migraine that help relive the pain.

Natural Cures for Migraine
Feverfew Herbs

Consumption of two fresh leaves of the herb feverfew, is proven to be very helpful. When taken regularly the severity of migraine reduces to a great extent. This herb is rich in an ingredient called Parthenolide, which helps reduce inflammation to a great extent.


Consumption of fresh slices of ginger regularly is an effective way of combating Migraine. Ginger improves blood circulation, soothes inflammation, reduces stress on blood vessels and restricts the production of pain causing prostaglandins.

Lemon peel

The peel of the lemon when made into a fine paste and applied on the forehead helps relieve migraine to a great extent.


Well this may sound like the name of a tablet, however actually it is a powerful compound found in tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, yeast, whole wheat, sunflower seeds, liver and fish. Niacin is found to be very helpful for those suffering from Migraine.So regular consumption of the above mentioned products will prove to be very helpful.

Vegetable Juices

Carrot Juice, Cucumber juice, Spinach and beetroot juices are said to be very helpful in relieving migraine headaches..

Hand Bath

Soaking your hands in warm water increases circulation and helps avert the painful episode of a fully blown migraine.

Apart from these natural cures for migraine, there are many other natural treatments that include acupuncture, herbal supplements, acupressure, reflexology and many more.