Nutrition Facts: Nutrition content in vegetables

Vegetables can provide the necessary nutrition our body requires for sustenance everyday, they aid in the proper functioning of each organ and also help in flushing away the toxins from the body.

When we substitutes our daily food with fresh and raw vegetables the amount of change that it can bring not just in our food habits but also in the states of mind and health is magnificent.

Some of the nutrition facts about nutrition content in vegetables is listed as follows:
A  half cup of beetroot may contain 1.43 gms of protein ,37 calories and 1.7 gms of fiber content.

A half cup of broccoli cooked can contain about 1.86 gms of protein ,27 calories and 2.6 gms of fiber content.

A half cup of cabbage boiled may contain about 0.95 gms protein, 17 calories and 1.4 gms of fiber content.

Carrots- half a cup of carrots cooked may contain 0.59 gms of protein, 27calories and 2.3 gms of fiber content.

Half a cup of cooked cauliflower may contain about 1.14 gms of protein, 14 calories and 1.4 gms of fiber content.

One large yellow corn may contain 4.02 gms of protein, 113 calories and 2.8 gms of fiber content.

- a half cup of cucumber may contain 0.34 gms of protein, 8 calories and 0.3 gms fiber.

French beans
One cup of boiled French beans may contain 12.48 gms of protein ,238 calories and 16.6 gms of dietary fiber.

A half cup of mushrooms may contain about 1.08 gms of protein, 8 calories and 0.3 gms of fiber content.

A cooked onion may contain about 0.82 gms of protein, 26 calories and 0.8 gms of fiber content.

A cup of boiled peas may contain about 8.58 gms of protein, 134 calories and 8.8 gms of fiber content.

One potato baked may contain 4.33 gms of protein, 161 calories and 3.8 gms of fiber content.

One cup of spinach can contain about 0.86 gms of protein, 7.0 calories and 0.7 gms of fiber content.