Own made scented air freshener

Unpleasant smells are common visitors of our homes, but there is a solution that is hiding in your kitchen. Find out some interesting and useful tricks that can make your life much easier and save you some time and money.

During the cold days, the windows of our home are usually closed. In order to refresh the air in your rooms, make yourself a fragrant water. Take two sticks of vanilla carve along with their entire length and place them in a bowl, then pour in alcohol to be completely submerged and let it stay that way for three days or so.

After that time passes, remove the sticks, spend the liquid in the bottle with spray and add two ounces of distilled water. With fragrant liquid spray your home and enjoy the sweet smell of vanilla.

You can polish your wooden furniture to a high gloss with the ingredients that are hidden in your kitchen. In two ounces of olive oil pour two teaspoons of lemon juice and mix them well. Apply the liquid to a cotton cloth and a good polish furniture that will look like new.

Burned food scraps from your dishes can be solved with the help of red onion. Fill the pot up to a half of warm water and add the onion cut into pieces and also add a teaspoon of salt. Cook the water about ten minutes and burnt food residues from the bottom of the pot will be easy to remove with washer sponge.